Blackmores XTERRA Trail Challenge Waihi Results

Results are published on this page on the night of the event.

There are a couple stages of results team, so please read below so it's as clear as mud.

1. PROVISIONAL - These will be up the evening of the event.

2. UPDATED - These are posted no earlier than Wednesday evening following this event. You must have all timing issues submitted by Wednesday at 5pm.

3. FINAL - Results will be changed to FINAL on the Friday following this event.

If you have any queries regarding your Provisional results please contact the event manager for this series here.

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from


  • Junior: Under 20yrs
  • Open: 20 - 39 years
  • Master: 40yrs - 49yrs
  • Veteran: 50yrs - 59yrs
  • Legend: 60yrs plus

Event Photos: after this event to see if you can spot yourself in Blackmores XTERRA Auckland Trail Run/Walk Series' event photos! Note: allow several days for event photos to be sorted before they become available online.

2014 Results


Download your event certificate, or visit for results and certificate links.

2013 Results

Results by Division - 87kb PDF

Overall Results - 88kb PDF

Download your event certificate, or visit our results site for results and certificate links.

2012 Results

Results by Division - 107kb PDF

Overall Results - 107kb PDF

2011 Results

Results by Division - 67kb PDF

Results by Division - 193kb excel

Results - 80kb PDF

Results - 207kb excel file

2010 Results

Results by Category - 44.9kb PDF

Results by Category - 126kb excel file

Overall Results - 45kb PDF

Overall Results - 137kb excel file


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