Teams Challenge

Important Teams Information

The teams challenge is back again for 2016! This has really gathered great momentum over the last few years and adds an extra dimension to an already awesome series! Open to any group of people (Corporate, mates, training group, school, family...etc...) as long as you have a minimum of five people running at each event of the series.

New to the Team Challenge this year, we no longer have an upper limit of 10 people in a team, the more the merrier! (perfect for you teams that have had to split yourselves into two teams in the past!). Also new this year, team members will no longer be able to transfer there entry to another person if they cannot make an event. (Sorry, but this was just getting out of control!)


Too cold and dark for early morning boot camps?.. Too painful pounding the streets inhaling car fumes?... Too annoying when you get the 9pm court time at indoor netball?... We say ditch it. Come and find out what's really getting teams off the couch this winter - because they LOVE IT!!!

The 2016 Auckland XTERRA Trail Run/Walk Series TEAMS CHALLENGE is where it's at. Tick all the boxes: get fit and stay fit over winter, get out of the concrete jungle and discover some of Auckland's most stunning trail-running spots, hang out with your mates and build staff morale and loyalty. It's as social or competitive as you want it to be and distance options cater for all levels or offer the chance to step up or down over the series AAAAAND a FREE sausage and SPEIGHTs at each event - how good is that?

How the Team Challenge works

  • Enter at least 5 team members or more (there is no limit to the number of team members) into each individual event of the series or the same team members into the full series 
  • Team members can run (all distance options) or walk (short or mid) whichever distance option they want to
  • No matter how many of the team compete on the day, your top 5 points across all distance options will be put towards your leader board score over all 7 events

What each team gets

  • 'Series Pack' goodie bag of very cool stuff worth over $160 for the first 150 team members to register
  • Leader board on the website
  • Prize giving and trophy
  • A winter's worth of fitness and fun with your mates!

How the Points System Works

What we have done is applied a factor to individual results to make them fair when used as team results. The multiplication factor will depend on what distance option you did, and this will make the team points much fairer, and will no longer favour the short courses.

The following factors will be used to work out your team points:

  • 1/4 for Super Long run (based on average winning time approx. 2 hours)
  • 1/3 for Long run (based on average winning time approx. 1.5 hours)
  • 1/2 for the Mid run/walk (based on average winning time approx. 1 hour)
  • 1 for the Short run/walk (based on average winning time of approx. 30 mins)

(i.e. this is what your individual points will be multiplied by to give you your team's points. So, in the example above. Short course runner: 3.00 X 1 =3.00. Super long runner: 12.00 x ¼ = 3.00)

The teams' points for each of the 7 rounds will be calculated by adding up the best 5 individual team scores from the team members in each team. The overall winning team will then be the team with the lowest total score when all 7 rounds scores are added together at the end of the series.

Following the completion of the 2016 Auckland XTERRA Trail Run/Walk Series we will have the much anticipated series prize giving and celebration held at the Gables Kitchen & Bar, 248 Jervois Road, Herne Bay on Monday 10th October at 6:30pm, where everyone will be welcome to have a drink to celebrate another great series and to acknowledge the winners in each category of the series with a cool prize.

Note: If you are running as part of a team, you are still eligible for individual placings for the series, providing you stay in the same distance option over at least 5 events.


How to Register Your Team

It is super easy! Once you have gathered your team together (5+ people). Click 'enter' from the website to take you through to the registration system, then 'Create a Group', choose a group/team name and select the type of group you are creating. 

You can now select if you would like your group to public or private (adding a password) and you can also choose if each team member pays for their own registration fees or you/the school/the company pays for all registration fees.

Give the team name to all the people in your group/team, while making their registration, select 'I'm a participant' then 'Yes', I'm part of a group and enter the group name. 

If you have already registered and would like to be added to a team, please email Kezia ( with your first, last name and the team name. 

Payment options for teams below.


Payment Options

Each team member can pay individually when they register or you/the school/the company pays for all registration fees.

If you/the school/the company pays for all registration fees, you have the option of paying for the full amount by credit card in your group/team registration or we can invoice you for the full amount. Invoice sent out Friday 15th May and due Friday 22nd May. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

School Teams

We have many schools using the Auckland XTERRA Trail Run/Walk Series as there NZEA assessment. It is the perfect platform to assess their improvement over the 7 events (5 months) or to assess each student in the class at an individual event as each student wears their own timing transponder. After the event, the teacher is able to look up each student on our timing website for each student's results. 


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