Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Inc

Shakespear Open Sanctuary (SOS) is New Zealand’s most visited wildlife sanctuary with more than 500,000 visitors entering the park annually.

In 2011 the predator fence was erected within Shakespear Regional Park, SOS has been pest free since.

Auckland Council has been supported by the community volunteer group Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Inc (SOSSI) since 2006 and together are ‘building a haven for wildlife’. With the help of the fence, SOS has become a predator free ‘mainland island’ with recent releases of endangered native birds such as Whitehead, North Island Robin, little spotted Kiwi and Saddleback (in late May 2018).

 This major conservation project is special in that in combines the reintroduction of endangered native species and replanting of habitat but still maintaining farming and recreational activities.

SOSSI members assist with pest and predator control, plant nursery production and tree planting, monitoring of reintroduced bird species, track maintenance, farm work and public and school education. They are also strong advocates for conservation and help with fundraising for future reintroductions.

There are opportunities for members of the public to attend the weekly Tuesday volunteer days and to take part in this year’s community planting days on 17 June, 15 & 22 July.

 Please visit our website for further details